viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Repentina Cancelacion del Concierto de Dark Funeral

He aqui la version por parte de uno de los integrantes de la banda, sin embargo, ¿que fue lo que paso realmente?

"The statement I put together is 110% true, at least from the info we was told by the main mexican promotor. We arrived in Mexico City a day before we were supposed to play Sonora. Once we met up with the promotor he told us he would be picking us up 6am the day after to go to the airport and catch the flight to Sonora. Later that night, he called me up on my hotel room saying that he had not been able to reach the local promotor in Sonora, nor got any confirmation on the flight tickets. And if he didnt get ahold of him soon he would have to cancel that show. I told him that was really unacceptable and that he really had to sort out the airfare so that the Sonora show could happen. He said he would try his best and get a flight confirmation from the promotor in Sonora. A couple of hours later he called me again, saying that the show was cancelled. Once again, we said to cancel that show was really unacceptable. We were there, in the country, ready to play Sonora, and that he had to fix in one way or another. We really had a major argue about this and we did what we could to make the show go on as planned, but without a flight booked, and a big NO from the main promotor there was really nothing we could do. Abit later he suggested we should do an Instore in Mexico City since the Sonora show could not happen. Since we already was in Mexico City we agreed. Option 2 would have been to just hang out at the hotel in Mexico City doing nothing. So once again, we decided to hang out with our fans instead of acting like rock stars and just hang with our own travel party at the hotel. All I can say is that we are as sorry as all of you who where expecting us to play Sonora, we did too! And since we havent played there before, we were looking forward to that show abit more than the others..." / Lord Ahriman & Dark Funeral-->

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